MSCA 2019


APPLY UNTIL 1st of MAY 2019

Are you or have you been a MSCA Fellow? If the answer is yes, we invite you to apply to the MSCA2019 – AWARD COMPETITION. By applying to this competition, you have the chance to showcase your work to a large audience, take part in the conference and interact with international outstanding profile speakers.

The award competition has 4 phases:

Phase1:   The submission of the application form until 1st of May 2019

Phase2:   The international panel of experts will select the final candidates for each award category, from the total of eligible applications received before deadline:                

  • Category “Scientific Careers for Policy Making”

    Candidates should highlight how their projects involve a combination of science, communication and advocacy and show how from their discoveries in the lab can benefit society and give guidance for policy makers.

  • Category “Sharing excellence”

    Candidates should illustrate how their projects could be exploited for sharing the benefits of research across the Union, in particular in environments (geographically, socially or thematically) that are usually not closely related to the research topic.

  • Category “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”

    Candidates should explain how their projects bridge the gap between academia and industry, by using their knowledge and skills to find ways to translate highly technical scientific issues into opportunities for large enterprises or in particular for SMEs.

:   The final candidates will be invited to submit a video presentation of their work (technical details will be provided in due time). Travel arrangements and accommodations for the finalists shall be covered by the conference organizers.

Phase4:   The videos will be presented at the conference during dedicated sessions. The audience will vote for the most exciting video and the winners will be presented during the Award Ceremony, on the second day of the conference.


Organized under the auspices of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, in Bucharest, on 4-5 June, the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Presidency Conference (MSCA) has been for several years now a flagship event for the MSCA Programme.